Tension grows over the Olympicsas the virus does not stop spreading yet

My 10 favourite foods – #10

Last but not least, Tonkatsu!

Ton means Pork, Katsu is the Japanised word for cutlet! this is fried pork, the cover is panko and not breadcrumbs which makes it lighter.

It usually comes with shredded cabbage, and you use a brown sauce as well as ponzu for the cabbage, sometimes, you may crush sesame and mix with a sauce of your choice

this is a filling menu as it comes with miso soup and rice on top of the rest but if you go to a nice restaurant, it can be delicious

I have 2 places that I like

  • one is on the restaurant floor of Isetan in Shinjuku
  • the other is on 2F of atre in Ueno Station, entrance via escalator inside the main hall of the station and is from Kyoto – called katsukura, this is my favourite!

My 10 favourite foods – #9

Mikan Daifoku

This was a discovery soon after I started to live permanently in Japan. Daifoku is rice mochi filled with an or strawberry

I used to attend Japanese classes every Saturday afternoon close to Iidabashi Station, in the summer time, my treat after the class was to stop at a farmer stand inside the access corridor of the metro station and buy myself a mikan daifoku and enjoy this back home

It is fresh, not so sweet, tasty as mikan are like no where else in Japan and can be a very good dessert



summarising – my favorite spots


This is another special place that I visited thanks to Chihiro San and her mother who took a day to drive us around. I am so thankful for them for being so welcoming and warm to me.

Everyone wants to visit Shirakawago when in the region, Gokayama is also one of those traditional villages, a bit less known, therefore, much less crowded, much more local but equally beautiful.

There are buses from Kanazawa and Toyama to go there in one day and appreciate the scenery, it looks like a perfect postcard in Switzerland! the mountains, the green fields, the rice, the houses so well preserved.

So inspiring,



#6 – summarizing – 10 things I will miss

My friends

I will miss you guys, we had fun, we visited, ate a lot, drank a fair amount, explored, discussed, shared. You helped me, I was at home here with you

I cannot name everyone but

  • Thank you Yuko San for the trips to the supermarket to teach me new products
  • Thank you Sawako San for introducing me to Kawanabe San to teach Japanese
  • Thank you Cynthia for challenging always
  • Guillaume and Chloe for all the great moments and evenings
  • Catherine for the help with the sale, the food and the fab evenings
  • Sandrine, what would I do without you?
  • Julie M for the bus ride chit chats in the mornings
  • Maxime pour les cafes
  • Ko San for the gyoza and so much more
  • Akiko pour  nos petits dejeuners
  • Yukiko San for Honmura an and our chats
  • Pierre Jean, Caroline, Ayako, Yukari, Sophie and Fidel, Julie D, Karin, Kamal, Jiana and Leon, Michaela, Chikako, Reiko, Oki San, Ono San, Roxane and Stephane, Cecilia, Kono San, Chihiro, Takashi and Wakana, Karine, Alex, Fabien, Mieko, Isao, Yuji,  etc..

I will be back…


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