San Luis Potosi

I love this colonial route to the North from Mexico City, I especially enjoy the colors, the architecture of course, but also, the space, there are not as much forest, you can see far away most of the time, people are also different from other regions in the country.

otra plaza en San Luis Potosi


Techos de San Luis

San Luis Potosi was a surprising experience, not really love at first sight, it looked like a 50’s town with ugly buildings, we were staying at the Hotel Panorama, awful hotel, very run down. In short, we just wanted to leave the city once the meeting was finished.


Antiguo convento de San Luis

Then, along with Stefano and the boys, we took a moment to walk around in town, and more we wandered, the more we enjoyed the city, quite a number of churches and convent, lovaly cactus trees, tiendas de abarrotes, in the end, we stopped for lunch on a terrace set on the roof of a house, overlooking one of those lovely churches.

,Desde la terraza en San Luis

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