Memorial van Damme

Tradition, the annual Memorial Van Damme held yesterday evening in Brussels. As always, a very friendly and family oriented track and field meeting, the stadium is full of families, children enjoy, retired couples come to the show. The good about it is that the Belgian clubs can come and compete in the stadium before the stars come in, I find this just great

 Yesterday was another good one with best annual performances from a few ones, Renaud Lavillenie, Justin Gatlin and Mutaz Barshim –



As always, a small anecdot happened. I found myself sitting next to a lady who was not interested in the event and spent her evening reading the programme from 1st to last page with sunglasses. Everytime, public or myself would applause, shout, scream, she would plug her ears!! I assume she has a health problem but not the place for her to have a great evening and quite bothering for me really as she would look at me as if I am some sort of crazy animal



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