A short story for the Japanese fridge. In europe, typically, our fridges come with a few shelves in the top part, a drawer for vegetables below these shelves. In the bottom part, come 3 freezer drawers.
Here, fridges open centrally with a narrow door and a large one so you may save the temperature.

In the top part, the bottom drawer uses 3/4 of the space and is to keep some items frost (so no vegetable like I did and found myself with a cucumber

stick). The last 1/4 is to hold water.

This water will drop into ice cubes into the 1st drawer of the freezer, again top drawer 1/4. The other 3/4 of the top drawer is for quick freeze
Then the middle drawer is pure freezer
And the bottom drawer is for vegetables!
I have been told that the Japanese ladies made this happen thanks to their feedback to the corporations like panasonic, hitachi etc. So tailor made fridge in a way!

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