Supermarket – what a study tour every time I am there. Packaging, products, price range, writing, everything is different. My 1st week was all about fish and vegetable as I could identify them! But I am expanding choice at every trip.


Tofu – one full line to choose from, so far, I tried 2 types, I am not sure I cook it the way it should be but with my own way, it works and it is good


Rice remains a challenge, because it is mostly sold in packs of 5kg, I dare not going for just any one in case I would like it, can you imagine? I’d be stuck with 4.9kg of rice I don’t like in the cupboard. So I am tasting every single small pack I can find and I keep the package to compare the writing in store and choose my favourite from this, hihihi


Meat – the cut is different here, everything comes in thin slices so tough for me to say which part of the beef it is. I only get meat at restaurants so far and it is always excellent. And by the way, let me tell that there is far better than Kobe beef, Ohmi beef created an unforgettable moment at a recent dinner, never tried something so good


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