this is the type of experience that I have heard numerous times, I am so glad I decided not to go for it. I feel your pain, but you are sorted (for a while)

Japan Oblong

I have literally just arrived home after a long day of bureaucracy and all its side effects of frustration, visiting several offices and clerks, waiting in lines, being asked to provide several (in)significant documents, paying all kinds of fees, struggling with language barriers, etc.

In short: I just spent a day getting my Japanese driver’s license.

road signThat seems clear.

But I have no misconceptions about it: I know this was an efficient, relatively painless way of obtaining a Japanese driver’s license as I actually managed to deliver all the required items to all the appropriate officials in an organized and timely manner.  I never thought that I would actually manage to get my driver’s license by the end of the day – but it happened!

So I figured I might share some pearls of wisdom that I learned today so that anyone out there might get their Japanese license in…

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