At the gym

What a blast!! Once a week, I attend a zumba class close to the office. 15 Japanese regular guests…and me who understands just right and left. They are very kind and gradually incorporated me in the group, they laugh at me as I always miss the instructions but all together it is great fun and I learn new words at each session

In the meantime, I spent a day on trial at another club in town. Massive, 1 floor for a 25m swimming pool, 1 floor for the reception, and changing rooms, 1 floor for the gym and the studios, 1 floor for the professional training! Again, very very nice people but not a single one speaks English. Great facilities, never seen so many machines in one place, every scary. A race track around the gym. In the changing room, I was highly impressed by the shower room, you get open individual cabins where you can sit to shower and on the other half of the room, a massive bath to relax in. we, in Europe, could learn lessons out of it

On the next one I tried, high attendance rate, you need to book your classes on line and depending on your membership level, you have a lesson cap of 4 or 8 classes bookable a month. The rest, you request at reception on the same month. Great facilities, impressive technology, and they offer me H2 water, did not even what it was, had to browse to see what this product was. Been told it increases focus and performance, …. I am not up to that level just yet my dear Japanese friends!! Keep calm and carry on


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