Japan Earthquake Scale

This morning, 7h16, I felt a shake and thought I should share the Japan Scale system as it is different to Richter. It ranges from 0 to 7 (richter going from 1 to 9)

Here is the Japan Meteorological Agency Description.


In this morning situation, the JMA announces the epicentre was in Ibaraki, 100km away from Tokyo and was a magnitude 4.6 there

A couple of weeks ago, in the office, on the 20th floor, we got a scale 2 shake which I did not feel (my Japanese colleagues did) simply because I am in the middle of the open space and was focused on something.

Today, It was most probably just under 2 as I was at home on 25th floor and high rise building typically feel it more and I was sitting quiet at home. I heard the building crack and could feel sideways vibes under my sofa, weird feeling. however, no furniture moved.

I have been told that as of 4, I should see things moving. As of 5, I will be frightened and will need to hold something and the lights will shake etc. As of 6, I will not be able to stand, and for 7, I should pray not to ever feel it. In a nutshell, in any case, I need to stay at home or in the office, get the doors open for evacuation, place myself under a door or table or whatever to protect myself depending.

The office provided me with a kit. I must admit this was a stressful moment as it makes you feel the worst could happen but it is stored in a drawer ready to go and I try to forget it.

I am considering preparing something at home but am unsure what to pack in reality. If a disaster strikes, what will I really need?

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