The Flying Tofu


Still. Quiet. Filled with sadness. The place was like a library, even a pin-drop could be heard. The history of the war and the suffering of the people, the dead and those who survived. I’ve never been a fan of visiting museums, I never understood art or had the slightest lick of interest about war. But, Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Museum touched me. Sure, I’ve read upon the war and history in school, but it wasn’t until I had a look at the real deal. The main thing that had me upset was the amount of deaths that occurred, the innocent lives that were caught up in the mess. Child survivors grew up to have health problems from the radiation, scarred permanently by the wounds and terror. It was a day were I learnt more than a day in school.

✈Osaka: Flying out on 23-11-2017

✈Okinawa: Flying out on 27-11-2017


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