Gym and Fun

As anything they do, Japanese go to the max when it comes to sport. I noticed that a lot of Japanese people enjoy jogging.

Go to the Imperial Park and you will confirm my statement, the park is packed from 5am to 10pm with joggers. I now know a lot of regulars with same timeframe as mine!

Soon after I arrived, I subscribed to this studio, great atmosphere, a lot of Les Mills class (in fact only Les Mills classes), just next to Shibuya Crossing. All are extremely professional and I found here the same sense of team/club atmosphere as I had in Brussels.

When Izumi San left, it was very sad for me as she was the one subscribing me and making all possible efforts to get our broken Japanese/English communication going, always smiling, energetic, she was a sunshine in the club. Of course, it is great to see her challenge herself and move to Auckland but she is missed!!



Living in Japan almost meant I could attend the Les Mills Live day last November. In Europe, we are not so privileged and Les mills Live never happened in Belgium so I made it!! Let me tell you, getting the tickets when you are not a Japanese reader is an adventure

1- get the website and “understand” how to navigate

2 – choose your sessions, at that stage, I had to ask a colleague to handle for me

3- get the emails to confirm, one per session!!

4- find another colleague to go along with you and collect the tickets from the combini

5 – find out that these tickets are not printed out from the automated machines but at the counter in the Kombini (even my Japanese friend struggled with that)

6 – get the tickets one by one and not all together!!

7 – take a deep breath, it is almost over!!

the day itself was great, I enjoyed very much. As always, Japanese super equipped, very elegant and trendy, make you feel really underdressed and guilty!! they are all expert at whatever they do when I feel like a beginner after 6 years of Shbam, 6 months of Body Jam and 5 years of Body Balance, but great fun!! aim higher as they say…


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