Kikuchi rice is the rice from Kumamoto, I quite like it. So far, the entry level for rice for someone like me, ignorant, is koshi-hikari. I tasted it in Niigata and since I can read Hiragana, I am able to buy it, it cooks quick, it is firm and the rice grains are rich.

Now, I suspect it is not really natural and these rices are results of genetic, hybrid, tests of all kinds. I got told that in the history, Japan had to feed his people and after WW II, they decided to find ways to guarantee productivity so that food would simply be there available, hence Koshi-Hikari.

This year, I heard too that there is a new brand available as Japanese were getting bored and a company thought there was demand for new product, taste, etc. I have not tried it yet but maybe one of you knows more and can elaborate or comment on this?

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