Until recently, I had no expectations on Yokohama, I am going on a regular basis for work and find the city busy, very business focused and with a lot of malls. I knew it was o the seaside but never found anything special about it until I went on a Sunday and stayed overnight, that changed my view 100%

At night, the city changes drastically, the lights give a special atmosphere to it, there is a lot to visit in Yokohama, the European area, as it was one of the first cities to open in Japan, the Chinese quarter, the largest in Japan, the warehouse, a brick building very unusual here, Minato Mirai and the attractions, I loved it, I will go again



It is one hour away from Tokyo with a local train or 20mn in express train from Shibuya, has a lot to offer and I am sure most people (like I did) forget about it. Go and enjoy the real life!!

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