Tokyo 2020

Yesterday, Japan announced the torch tour in 2020 and it will be great to see this go around all 47 prefectures, starting from the Fukushima prefecture on March 27,

4 major sponsors are giving the opportunity to be a torch bearer and will open site for applications on June 17. Talking to a friend abroad this morning, I realised how disconnected from this I had become. The reason is that the approach to Tokyo 2020 is overwhelming here for me.

When you apply for tickets, if you are a Japan resident, you need to go online to a Japanese language only website (1st hurdle for me) and then you find out you have 3 hours wait (2nd hurdle) and 48221 people queuing ahead of you (3rd hurdle). Do I want to make the olympics a struggle? no, so I give up

Seeing that a similar system will apply for the torch, will I check this out? no, not even considering

This may sound negative and moaning but I want to enjoy the Olympics just like anyone else, simply it has to remain a great experience not a struggle in my view


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