Japan has every weather, the climate can be crazy. Funnily enough, no one seems to be commenting so much about it in and out of Japan

If you think of the attraction that Japan has currently, I am surprised nobody mentioned yet about the extreme heat of the summer, the rainy season and the heavy snowfalls in the winter.

Of course, Japanese has a lot of expressions around the weather but it is not even near to the common chit chat in Europe where every conversation starts with the weather!

In Tokyo, January and February are very very dry, it is important to moisturise your face and hands or your skin will cut. March and April are great, green, sakura season, season and temperatures go up gradually to 25-ish, Mid to end May, end May lately, tsuyu starts, this is the rainy season, until recently this was a 6-week period with tropical rains, the last 2 years have been short seasons that lead to a very humid, sticky, hot and tiring summer

in 2019, the heatwave has sent a lot of people to hospital and it is difficult to sleep at night. Early August, radios announce you need to stay with aircon on 24/7

90% of the households in Japan have air conditioning making them the world best equipped with the US.

Autumn is the second great season from mid september to mi november, autumn leaves, temperatures decrease gradually to 10 or lower

from December, winter is here, back to dry and cold, but if you are covered, you are fine

North of Tokyo, the snowfalls are impressive and this is the only time where you see the shinkansen stop

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