Japan – Dynasties in Politics

From the western world, we perceive Japan as a very advanced democracy with a cycle of political crisis, prime ministers changing often

Once  you live here for a while, you realise that ministers are ministers’sons and grandsons and that nothing really ever changes

the latest is that Koizumi Junior becomes a minister at 38, that is remarkable in a country where age matters to take responsibilities. he is the son of Koizumi, prime minister in the early 2000’s, who himself was the son of a former foreign minister. I am hoping he will change a few things in environment and bring the government to a more modern era, Reiwa please Koizumi San, Reiwa!!

Reading – bending adversity is a very documented book around the society and there is extensive part on politics, notably Suga San, Abe San and Koizumi San as well as the relationships with China and Korea, US, highly interesting and insightful



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