Flying ANA Star Wars

Have you ever flown with ANA? if not, please try to, it is not the cheapest but it is one of the top airlines worldwide for service and punctuality

Waiting lines at the airport and drop off are usually very short as they make sure there is enough staff to attend and if needed, they call back up to support.

Luggage are delivered within 30mn or door opening after landing, which makes your travel smooth all the way

Once on board, the safety and security announcements have been refreshed in 2019 to reflect the Japanese Kabuki Theatre history and it is very pleasant. you even get the making off when leaving

Boarding is also very organised and punctual. Last week, I flew long haul and you could really compare, on my gate #5, an ANA flight boarding, on next gate #4 a El Al flight to Tel Aviv, have a look to benchmark!!


I was lucky enough to get the Star Wars aircraft and what an experience!!


Boarding is made with the soundtrack, Noda talks to you over announcements, he walks down the aisle to make photos and you get a certificate you travelled on the R2D2 flight




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