10 things I will NOT miss – fruit scarcity

Of course I adapted, of course I managed it of course Japanese have a different diet that does not include much but it is just not right for such a country with all climate types to get such a limited choice of fruits with crazy prices and not always quality or taste

– 2 lemons at JPY150! This is a basic

– tomatos are expensive with no taste

– apples at over JPY140 per piece becomes a treat

And think about the melon or watermelon at jpy500 for a piece

– bananas are simply bad and unless you peel and freeze them immediately and use them in shakes, don’t bother to buy any, they will go wrong the next day


I like mikan, very tasty but so expensive.


And what to say about the strawberry fever that hits Japan every Christmas? Only because farmers wanted to extend their season and their sales and created this fashion of plastic strawberries that dont taste and are on display from December 20 to April 15?


Seriously…. a miss


A supermarket fruit section is typically small with limited stocks

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