#26 – summarising – my 10 favorite places


What an emotional place, what a symbolic city. I have been there twice, once with Zeynep, once for base ball and the city will remain in my memory

This is the big city of the North. Tohoku is among the most humble regions of Japan, living on agriculture and fisheries, much less tourism, few industries. So in the 70’s, the government had no problem convincing the region to accept nuclear plants and all sort of storages with billions of yens of subsidies and the promise of employment.

But Tohoku is also a region hit hard by earthquakes and we all know the 2011 disaster reality.

Did you know that the clean up is not finished and that a whole section is still not accessible?

I visited the memorial in 2017 and that left a mark on me. A colleague lost his 3-year old in the cataclysm. When I was in Sendai, one of my colleague insisted to take us to the seaside and explained to us how he lived the day, show us around. Nakayama San, I will ever be grateful for the time you took and for you to insist in taking us. You made me realise.

You are an inspiration by your resilience, people of Tohoku.

Again, I would refer to the book bending adversity that details this

Sendai is also a city for base ball (rakuten eagles) and for beef tongue (gyutan) and my favorite zunda!

My friend Blair visited in 2017 and loved the people too

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