#9 – summarising – 10 things I will miss

My chiro!
Although I did not visit him enough (despite his attempts) as I was working long hours and traveling (I am aware this no good excuse), I enjoyed every visit 150%!
Great character, small place, looking like not much but excellent massage or shiatsu or chiro depending on how he was judging me in the moment!
My laziness would take me to him with the wish for a relaxing massage, he would gauge and never do relaxing! But the result was always perfect, I could always sleep afterwards, my muscles and bones in the right place, stretched and cracked!
He is also a geek, social media addict, trying to get a share of the international tourism.
So easy to find him on trip advisor, google, instagram, facebook, etc…AND you can book online
Thank you Hatanaka San, you truly do a great job and I am glad I met you

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