Summarising #10 – 10 things I will miss

Flying ANA
ANAis currently ranking 7th best airline in the world, good enough you may say. For me, it is a unique model.
The online experience is easy. The check in and drop off is great at any airport (except Milan where I think ANA will struggle), plenty of staff attentive and smiling, no long queues, professional check in, take a look around and see the other airlines organisation, you will see how net ANA is
The onboarding is smooth and disciplined
Once on board, the staff is 100% focused on service, you never ever hear chit chat, push back nor grumpy faces (you are all thinking of an airline now…and I bet they are all different, the list being so long).
ANA places special attention on quality and consistency, the catering is therefore of good qualit, you CAN eat on board AND there is soup on offer
Upon arrival, ANA has a policy of 30mn max until last luggage delivery
If the flight is delayed, the policy is to take care of the client until his next boarding even if it is with another airline
But you can only fly ANA to/from Japan which reduces my options from now.
ANA, I will miss you

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