Summarising #13 – my top 10 favorite places to visit

I visited the city 4 times in 3 years, spent time at the memorial museum on 3 occasions and went to Miyajima for one full day every time
Hiroshima has a special place in my heart, it is fun and friendly, people smile, speak loud, sing and are very inclusive
My 1st visit was when the Hiroshima Carp won the base ball league (again) in September 2017 and I ended up as one more in the citywide party absorbed by the locals
My 2nd visit included a ramen dinner where my neighbors took me around for the whole evening
And my 3rd visit was that time when I met an elderly couple at the table next to me, they engaged in a chat even so they would not speak English, he was 83 and she 85 at the time, she was an official Hiroshima victim, they told me their story and when we parted, they taught me the beautiful expression Ichigo ichi e
I usually enjoy Hiroshimayaki at Goemonand walk around Miyajima finishing with freshly baked and hot momiji manju, a true delight

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