#3 – summarising – 10 things I will NOT miss


Although I am an absolute fan of the way of life, the history, the fact Japan kept its DNA throughout modern times, I cannot agree on the cast system in place and very well maintained by the elites.

You are a foreigner, you must be 2nd class citizen.

Examples – when you are a prime minister like Nakasone all the way to Abe, why would you carry on visiting Yasukuni every year, it only creates extra tensions and does not solve anything

Why close Korean schools in Japan?

Foreigners who grow up in Japan are classified as foreign student when reaching university and therefore do not get the same level of access as locals and go with the quota in place

Foreigners pay higher taxes than locals for the same roads and infrastructures

Every Saturday, old black cars drive around the government area and sensitive embassies such as Russia and Korea to claim Japan supremacy with 50’s music on loud speakers

At work, how many times did I hear, we, Japanese, are paying extra attention to protect ourselves as foreigners create the problems, foreigners make people redundant, foreigners don’t understand Japan. Really? No Japanese create problems? No Japanese made redundant? Only Japanese can understand Japan? Re-think, re-view. The world is changing and pursuing this ideal scenario only puts you at risk of losing ground. What about challenging foreigners and integrate them sometimes? Would not that be a progress?

Lately, you have enjoyed the Japanese inclusion abroad with Hachimura and you are proud of it, your base ball super star does not seem excluded, Philippe Troussier did not seem so bad as a foreigner in 2002? Just saying…

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