Summarizing – my favorite places

Takao San
Mount Takao is about an hour train away from Shinjuku train station, take the takaosanguchi train til the end
This is the closest mountain to Tokyo, a great nature outdoor day, about 3 hours walking up easy hike, on a slow pace, family friendly, a great day out
You may take the cable car and enjoy the views with less effort
Down in the village are a lot of small shops with tsukemono, soba, chestnuts, souvenirs
After a day out, the treat is to book Ukai Toriyama (they provide free shuttle every 20mn from the train station). This place has been here for decades, this is a reconstruction of an ancient village, gradually, the owners have dismantled and brought old houses from Gokayama region, some of them are registered buildings. Each house is a table of the restaurant, the houses form a village and waiters walk from house to house, one of them hosts the grill for the river fish, an amazing garden and even a small botanic park complete this unique place
Highly recommended, a moment in time, book long in advance, especially if you plan to go for sakura season or autumn leaves (6 to 8 weeks in advance)

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