Summarizing – my top spots

Had to be Wakkanai!!

Whenever I say I spent a long week end in Wakkanai, everyone stares at me and finds it a weird choice but this remains among my best memories and experiences

We have been there in November, already very cold, at the top North of Japan, very windy and snowy, 0 tourists there, it is the very end of the train lines, the very last stop with only 2 trains a day to Sapporo (4 hours). No Konbini there, 0 branded shops (no zara, no maruetsu, no starbucks, no don quijote etc), only 1 cash dispenser in a bank that does not accept any other card than the bank!! you get stuck with no cash very quickly.

What did I love there?

  • The truly genuine people, their faces looking close to Eastern Russians,
  • The calm, you hear the silence, you watch the cold sea back and forth,
  • The northernmost point of Japan,
  • The deers in the streets,
  • The shops all written in Russian,
  • The fish market with amazingly big produce, never seen crabs that size, the quality of fish, we had a blast.
  • The fact that you reset there and stop thinking in terms of speed, and accessibility, you review your priorities and I concede life in Wakkanai must be tough.
  • The nature

Highly recommended for an experience in Japan that is definitely and uniquely different

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