Summarising – my favorite spots


What a place, what a day, what a journey!!

This will remain as one of the best ever expedition I did in Japan. In 2019, we had an exceptional Golden Week of 11 days as the new Emperor was coming to reign. The flights were awfully expensive as a result and I decided to take the opportunity and enjoy Tokyo and Japan, so I did a few tours around.

I went to Toyama for 2 days, explored the city and Chihiro San took us to Tateyama. I will never thank her enough for that. Alone, I am not sure I would have achieved as this is a very domestic site and 90% is still displayed in Japanese only. 70% of the tourists are Japanese, then, many Taiwanese followed by Thai and very few other nationalities complete the ranking.

We left the hotel at 5am (at the time, the only way to get breakfast is the Konbini, bless them for being 24/7 open still until the graying population forces the change), took the 1st train at 6h00 (book your ticket ahead online or at the counter or you will be stuck, there were no tickets for sale at 5h20 already!)

From this train, you take a bus for 20mn, you then take a trolley bus along a tunnel, then a cable car, to end up at 11h00 by the Kuruyon dam and initiate the return journey at your own leisure!!


The snow walls are absolutely like no where else and the stories about how they cope with the winter, maintain the infrastructure and the buildings is amazing.

Back in Toyama at 19h30 with no breakfast, no lunch, my only recommendation is get a lunchbox!!

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