Summarizing – my favorite restaurants


In Minami-Aoyama, this is a special place with special people and a special history!! Just as I landed in Japan, a friend in Switzerland told me her old friend was running a wine bar,  I bookmarked it to try it out and shortly after realized the guy was very active on social media

Off I went to Apero… I must say the 1st time I went, I found it a bit difficult to find as it is in a courtyard in a back street, in a small building, so watch out if you go, don’t panic, it is there on the 3rd floor, look up!!

And I found a wonderful place with great organic food and wine, attention to quality. Chloe and Guillaume spent a lot of time visiting farms and producers around Japan, they know what they offer inside and out. Food is tasty, the atmosphere is friendly, warm and it is full of repeaters and locals which says something!! it is also a connected place as companies like Linkedin would use the place for event, so a bit of a place to be !!

My favorites there are the roast pork, still did not figure out what makes it so tasty. the coldcuts and the special events. they have a good Sunday Brunch. I also joined the Beaujolais evening a couple of years ago where I had a wonderful ham and cheese evening with local producers passionate about their work, insightful and inspiring

I promoted it and my company organised a year end party there 2 years ago where the 50 employees loved it and wanted to repeat, many of them went there again in private. I took my team there 3 years ago for a welcome dinner as the newcomer is into wine and the team asked to go again (which we did)

Well done Apero and thank you! This is how business should be, human, caring, and qualitative

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