Summarising – my favorite restaurants

Mamma Luisa

Not Japanese, but very Italian, here is hidden place just off Shibuya where  you are sure to enjoy a great meal in a cosy and warm ambiance.

The place has 20 seats max. Pietro has been in Japan for ever, the cuisine is of quality, very tasty, good balance of flavours and above all great personal touch. The house dog wanders around and sits down next to you, again, plenty of repeaters says something

Because it is only open in the evenings and it is small, best is to book

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This has become a classic with my friends. A while back, my friend Sophie settled in the Shibuya district and one evening, after arguing with her daughter Luisa, they decided to randomly go to a restaurant walking distance and started to browse, only to find there was a restaurant called “Mamma” “Luisa” close by, that would do the trick, and they found this great place that would become their local for the time she lived in Tokyo. She then introduced Cecilia, Cynthia and I to the place, then, we did the same.

While arranging dinners during my last month in Tokyo, I of course booked it for one evening for 6 of us and we had such a great time. it felt like a friends’dinner at home


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