#6 – summarizing – 10 things I will miss

My friends

I will miss you guys, we had fun, we visited, ate a lot, drank a fair amount, explored, discussed, shared. You helped me, I was at home here with you

I cannot name everyone but

  • Thank you Yuko San for the trips to the supermarket to teach me new products
  • Thank you Sawako San for introducing me to Kawanabe San to teach Japanese
  • Thank you Cynthia for challenging always
  • Guillaume and Chloe for all the great moments and evenings
  • Catherine for the help with the sale, the food and the fab evenings
  • Sandrine, what would I do without you?
  • Julie M for the bus ride chit chats in the mornings
  • Maxime pour les cafes
  • Ko San for the gyoza and so much more
  • Akiko pour  nos petits dejeuners
  • Yukiko San for Honmura an and our chats
  • Pierre Jean, Caroline, Ayako, Yukari, Sophie and Fidel, Julie D, Karin, Kamal, Jiana and Leon, Michaela, Chikako, Reiko, Oki San, Ono San, Roxane and Stephane, Cecilia, Kono San, Chihiro, Takashi and Wakana, Karine, Alex, Fabien, Mieko, Isao, Yuji,  etc..

I will be back…


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