2 days and we will be over Christmas, I always have this strange feeling. End of November, all seems very dark and quiet, gradually, I can see the houses lighting up and Santa Claus climbing the facades. The last week before Christmas is all about running around with a check list to get the gifts, […]

Top Panorama

Reading Femmes d’Aujourd’hui over the week end, I found this nice article about their top 10 panorama in the world It reminded me about many experiences as the top 3 listed are – Valle de la Luna en Atacama – Chile, by far, my favorite travel so far, I found this moment unique, the […]


Today, Paris for one day. First thing : I really like the new Thalys style with those pink red and purple colors, very nice and comfy but it can look dirty very quickly, on the way back I had a feeling the seats had not been cleaned for the whole day I was not too […]