Summarising – my 10 favorite restaurants

Robatain Kobe

Near Kitano, in a pedestrian street, I found this is very NOT touristic simple robata restaurant where you can get plenty of grilled vegetable and fish, very traditional, payment in cash, super basic but excellent and good atmosphere.

I used to go every time I was in Kobe




Summarising – my favorite restaurants

Mamma Luisa

Not Japanese, but very Italian, here is hidden place just off Shibuya where  you are sure to enjoy a great meal in a cosy and warm ambiance.

The place has 20 seats max. Pietro has been in Japan for ever, the cuisine is of quality, very tasty, good balance of flavours and above all great personal touch. The house dog wanders around and sits down next to you, again, plenty of repeaters says something

Because it is only open in the evenings and it is small, best is to book

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This has become a classic with my friends. A while back, my friend Sophie settled in the Shibuya district and one evening, after arguing with her daughter Luisa, they decided to randomly go to a restaurant walking distance and started to browse, only to find there was a restaurant called “Mamma” “Luisa” close by, that would do the trick, and they found this great place that would become their local for the time she lived in Tokyo. She then introduced Cecilia, Cynthia and I to the place, then, we did the same.

While arranging dinners during my last month in Tokyo, I of course booked it for one evening for 6 of us and we had such a great time. it felt like a friends’dinner at home


Summarizing – my favorite restaurants


In Minami-Aoyama, this is a special place with special people and a special history!! Just as I landed in Japan, a friend in Switzerland told me her old friend was running a wine bar,  I bookmarked it to try it out and shortly after realized the guy was very active on social media

Off I went to Apero… I must say the 1st time I went, I found it a bit difficult to find as it is in a courtyard in a back street, in a small building, so watch out if you go, don’t panic, it is there on the 3rd floor, look up!!

And I found a wonderful place with great organic food and wine, attention to quality. Chloe and Guillaume spent a lot of time visiting farms and producers around Japan, they know what they offer inside and out. Food is tasty, the atmosphere is friendly, warm and it is full of repeaters and locals which says something!! it is also a connected place as companies like Linkedin would use the place for event, so a bit of a place to be !!

My favorites there are the roast pork, still did not figure out what makes it so tasty. the coldcuts and the special events. they have a good Sunday Brunch. I also joined the Beaujolais evening a couple of years ago where I had a wonderful ham and cheese evening with local producers passionate about their work, insightful and inspiring

I promoted it and my company organised a year end party there 2 years ago where the 50 employees loved it and wanted to repeat, many of them went there again in private. I took my team there 3 years ago for a welcome dinner as the newcomer is into wine and the team asked to go again (which we did)

Well done Apero and thank you! This is how business should be, human, caring, and qualitative

Summarising – my favorite spots


What a place, what a day, what a journey!!

This will remain as one of the best ever expedition I did in Japan. In 2019, we had an exceptional Golden Week of 11 days as the new Emperor was coming to reign. The flights were awfully expensive as a result and I decided to take the opportunity and enjoy Tokyo and Japan, so I did a few tours around.

I went to Toyama for 2 days, explored the city and Chihiro San took us to Tateyama. I will never thank her enough for that. Alone, I am not sure I would have achieved as this is a very domestic site and 90% is still displayed in Japanese only. 70% of the tourists are Japanese, then, many Taiwanese followed by Thai and very few other nationalities complete the ranking.

We left the hotel at 5am (at the time, the only way to get breakfast is the Konbini, bless them for being 24/7 open still until the graying population forces the change), took the 1st train at 6h00 (book your ticket ahead online or at the counter or you will be stuck, there were no tickets for sale at 5h20 already!)

From this train, you take a bus for 20mn, you then take a trolley bus along a tunnel, then a cable car, to end up at 11h00 by the Kuruyon dam and initiate the return journey at your own leisure!!


The snow walls are absolutely like no where else and the stories about how they cope with the winter, maintain the infrastructure and the buildings is amazing.

Back in Toyama at 19h30 with no breakfast, no lunch, my only recommendation is get a lunchbox!!

summarizing – my top experiences


Have you been to one of the TeamLabs in Tokyo? If not, go for it, you  need to bookon line and your ticket comes on your phone.

This is NOT a museum, it is a sensoriel experience that you visit barefoot. I have been there 3 times with friends and everyone loved it. it is Alice in Wonderland for an hour or two, go for it

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