Japanese eating habits

Interesting and insightful article on the Japan vs Western diets. – Have a look


Summarizing – My top 10 restaurants

My favorite gourmet restaurant in Tokyo! Kiochi San has made a unique place in Roppongi from his soba place

Only fresh produce, prepared with care, tasty, elegant, the place bursts with famous people but also regulars thanks to the atmosphere and the fantastic quality. Certainly one of my fondest memories, highly recommended, don’t forget to book as it is always packed

and 0 hope for the new year soba! a long queue stands at their door, they don’t take bookings that day, it is amazing


Summarizing – my favorite foods

Only in Japan – Zunda!! I will miss it, and cannot bring it back

this is special from Tohoku, soya beans in paste, that you eat in mochi or shake. farmers in the Tohoku area take it to the field to refresh as it is full of nutrients and proteins, energy drink, natural before the trend of chemicals!

love it

Summarising – life in Japan – things I will miss

Here I am in Tokyo for 10 days, it is a weird feeling. I am here, I live here but not any more totally. I am requested to work from Brussels and come 10 days a month so the minute I land in Narita, my life goes back into shape,

I go to the gym, see my gym mates, take lunch with my friends, etc. but stay in a hotel. As always, they are full of joy and suprise, it always amazes me to see that everyone seems to carry all sorts of gifts and small presents in their bag (just in case) so this Saturday, I left the gym with a hankerchief, a fresh yuzu for mother’s garden, rice crackers, 1 cookie,


pleasures of life

Last night, I went to my local supermarket to buy items to bring home and to give you an insight of things of life I will miss

  • Yuzupon
  • Udon
  • Nori
  • Soba
  • Sesame seeds to sprinkle on tofu

A normal life in a not so normal period at work.

My favorite spots – Kiyosumi Garden

This park is located near the Ryogokuarea and can be combined when visiting the sumo stables, it is about 20mn walk from there, close to the metro Kiyosumi Shirakawa (Oedo Line).

This park was maintained by the founder of the Mitsubishiempire and was given to the Tokyo City. It was a refuge for the Tokyo citizens during the great earthquake in 1923 and some of the fires during WW II. Very bucolic, I love the peace in there, the silence, the birds, you forget the metropolis for a moment.

At the back of the garden, starts the Fukogawa area with plenty of cafes and roastery as well as izakaya and yakitori places, very friendly and local, no tourists there, it is a very nice Friday out to enjoy the evening vibes


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