Summarising – 10 things I will NOT miss



For some reason, Japanese people are very strict and polished with their hands and ladies spend fortune on nail art which I find absolutely ugly and disgusting. They love having pearls and stones on their nails and bright sculptures, I find this dirty and doubt they can cook or do daily chores with such hands

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My colleagues all go weekly at least. The other thing that I find strange is that all salons cut cuticules so short that you get infections. It happened to me twice and I changed salon 3 times with the same outcome. Not something I will miss

Summarising – my 10 favorite restaurants


A bit outside of the heart of Roppongi, half way to Azabu Juban or the Grand Hyatt, lies this small wooden house stuck between 2 buildings and opposite a Konbini. you could walk past without realising. Ganchan has 20 seats, a counter and one table. 4 men run the place and they serve til late which is unusual in Tokyo (even in Roppongi).

I always take the Japanese course-meal, it is a set menu with 10 yakitori that they grill on a small stove in front of you, very tasty, you get appetizer, oyakodon and a dessert as well.

Best to book, I like it!





Summarising – my favorite foods

This was always among my favorite but it obviously grew stronger while living in Japan. The fish variety is amazing, the quality is impeccable
At my favorite restaurants (Uoshin Nogizaka and Janome), they taught me a lot of spieces, buri, toro, katsuo, maguro, donoguro, etc.
I could live with sashimi, seriously

Summarizing – 10 things I will NOT miss

Can you believe we still book by fax in Japan? Many hotels still do not establish contracts and count a fax as a valid confirmation, they stamp it as confirmed and return the fax.
At our largest hotel in Tokyo, 3 full time employees deal with the daily faxes

Summarizing – my favorite foods

This sauce is a soja sauce with yuzu, full of flavor, easy to buy from the supermarket. Very full taste so no need for anything else, no salt, no oil etc.. making it a very healthy and easy seasoning (a bit salty I know but hey ho)
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