I don’t count any more how many times I have visited Belgium and I even end up living there!

I think I paid my first visit in July 1998 on holiday…

We went to Haan, at the seaside, it was a gray cloudy day but I enjoyed the outdated atmosphere, nice holiday houses along the sea, bikes everywhere, large beach, Sacha cried a lot as the noisy waves were scaring him

We had dinner in Ostend and I remember buying a box of tomates crevettes along the port, very traditional and simple food that I like

Worst experience


 That was probably in May 2002 on my second visit to Colombia, I was about to leave to Mexico.

I was called just before boarding the flight and suddenly found myself surrounded by policemen in rangers and weapons, a dog, a man shooting everything I was doing. They asked me to recognize my suitcase, open and empty it to show what I carried.

I had an awful time, 3 minutes in my life, where I was wondering what I could be carrying that would create so much trouble, how was jail in Colombia, what would happen to me, who to call?? it was so stressful

Eventually, they let me go, apparently, the tariff sheets were so thin that they were showing wrong on the control screens. I never took them along again

Such a stress!!

My best travel experience

Until now, I think this was the 3 days I spent in Oaxaca in May 05, we walked, wandered, had ice cream on a terrace, staid at the Camino Real, then in bed and breakfast, in the middle of the teachers strike, camping in town, the zocalo under reconstruction, total chaos

I enjoyed having drinks with Lolita, Humberto, Jesus, visiting around with Eric, having mole, beers at night, it was a great week end

oaxaca cactus catedral   oaxaca mai 2005 055


Food in Mexico

If I try to recall the good things I have tried in Mexico, it is an endless list, let’s try though!

Randomly, I can think of the agua de melon, agua de horchata, agua de jamaica,

Above all, I remember all the times I went to the arroyo on Tlalpan, the dancers, the pork roasted under, the frijoles, the quesadillas,

I have been there the first time with Felipe and his children and I had fever, that was in February 03. Then, I went again with Mr Rubio, Humberto many times, Mr Martin, Eric, Anne Sophie, so many people I have dragged there!!! 

I enjoyed very much going for lunch in one of those small restaurant where I would get a menu for 5€ with soup, main course, salad and desert in a friendly atmosphere.

I remember as well the restaurant I tried during my first stay in Mexico, I had Cecina at Mexico Rico with Mr and Mrs Rubio. That one is in Polanco.

However, my favourite meal ever has always been the breakfast and especially in Mexico

– always fruits

– the black bread at La Casona

 – les huevos rancheros – les huevos divorciados– les chilaquiles verdes o rojos (the verdes are just fantastic)

– des frijoles

Jueves de Pozole

especially in Taxco, or in Mexico at the Pozolero, it is a stew that you can get white, red, etc, based on corn (elote), with chicken or pork, broth, chile pepper on top, avocado, etc…

I loved this one so much that I even managed to find it in the UK and buy it online

Puebla and the mole, that one is THE national dish, I used to have it brown with chicken

Oaxaca and the mole

mmm… red, green, brown, at one of the chirringitos at the market, with Chapulines and water melon!

Coatepec – Xico


traditional mole, I would bring back pots of mole from there and cook it for friends visiting in France. I remember cooking this once Vincent and Karine came to the Auvergne


What a country!

1st impression : stress, I will always remember the first the gates opened to Japan at Narita Airport that day in October 2000… wherever I would look, I could only see short men in black suit, all looking alike. I had always seen men, women, black or white, boubous, suits, jeans, here, they were all the same and I could not make any difference with my European eyes.


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