Yanaka once more

Here I am for another tour in Yanaka – This time, I chose a Sunday morning, it was very good timing, peaceful, not too many tourists, the Yanaka Ginza street was not yet packed. This is an easy stroll through multiple temples and shrines, wooden houses, low buildings, cemeteries, really nice atmosphere, I recommend.

Miyajima #3

What I like about the place? the landscape, the hiking, the food, every tried Momiji Manju? it is a treat. these are biscuits stuffed with red bean paste, and their shape is a tree leave, so once the biscuit is baked, it gives a golden color that reminds autumn leave, hence the name Momiji (autumn […]

Miyajima #2

In fact, the island is called Itsukushima and the shrine Miyajima!! Why go there the famous dori inside the sea that you can enjoy on high sea and low sea the shrine, a beauty the nature, take the cable car to the top of the mountain and walk to the very top, about 1h30 one […]