Valentine’s day in Japan

Here the tradition is that Japanese LADIES offer chocolate to their Valentine. Men do nothing, just receive! this turns into a massive commercial opportunity. look at the metro corridors in Ebisu this Tuesday evening, just before the big day, shops all along, ladies queuing and buying!

Okinawa – #2

One thing that is very visible in the island is the number of school trips from all around the country. Okinawa has a great image for the climate, the ocean, the nature and most of the highschool trips consider Okinawa And again, I am so impressed by the discipline, the organisation. All students stand in […]

Chapter 160: Tako & Soy Sauce Tuna Mayo Onigiri

Originally posted on The Flying Tofu:
Tako Onigiri Soy Sauce Tuna Mayo Onigiri One of my favourite snacks of all time! ONIGIRI!! Usually I like buying Salmon flavoured ones but Tako was delicious! And Tuna & Mayo is a classic taste! I’m open to trying new flavours. I kinda like the latter packaging, only because…