#25 – summarising – 10 things I will NOT miss

Katakana Japanese has 3 alphabets and 5 different levels of speech! So you technically do not study 1 language. Katakana refused to adopt me and my brain became hermetic to those signs, I can only recognise those that are common to hiragana It is a shame as katakana is used for foreign words imported to […]

Japan – Dynasties in Politics

From the western world, we perceive Japan as a very advanced democracy with a cycle of political crisis, prime ministers changing often OnceĀ  you live here for a while, you realise that ministers are ministers’sons and grandsons and that nothing really ever changes the latest is that Koizumi Junior becomes a minister at 38, that […]

Leprosy in Japan

There is a book I really loved that talks about this – an, sweet bean, that made a movie in 2015 – the book is written by Durian Sukegawa Hansen disease can now be cured and in the last century, there were cases in Japan, that created segregation, people were transferred, isolated from their families, […]