#26 – summarising – my 10 favorite places

Sendai What an emotional place, what a symbolic city. I have been there twice, once with Zeynep, once for base ball and the city will remain in my memory This is the big city of the North. Tohoku is among the most humble regions of Japan, living on agriculture and fisheries, much less tourism, few […]

My favorite parks – Hamarikyu

What I like about this one is – the location : Shiodome metro stop, so very central, easy to reach, you may go even for a short moment – the size : it is large and sets you out of the city for a moment – the tea house : a moment out of the […]

10 things I will NOT miss – fruit scarcity

Of course I adapted, of course I managed it of course Japanese have a different diet that does not include much but it is just not right for such a country with all climate types to get such a limited choice of fruits with crazy prices and not always quality or taste – 2 lemons […]