#3 – summarising – 10 things I will NOT miss

Nationalism Although I am an absolute fan of the way of life, the history, the fact Japan kept its DNA throughout modern times, I cannot agree on the cast system in place and very well maintained by the elites. You are a foreigner, you must be 2nd class citizen. Examples – when you are a […]

Hachimura – Ohtani – Osaka

Lately, Japan comes high in the press around sport and displays something that is actually very rare in Japan, diversity!! Naomi Osaka became a star last year when winning Roland Garros, since then, she is sponsored by ANA, until then, I would question who in Japan was betting on her. She does not speak Japanese […]

Toyama in the news

Could the future of Japan celebrities come from Toyama? Rui Hachimura made the news this Friday when he was chosen #9 at the NBA draft and will join the Washington DC team after making such an impact with the Gonzaga team (Spokane, WA) Japan needs more of those to show what the country has and […]